Have you been looking for the best time to start a construction project? Are you looking to upgrade your home, build an addition, or construct a commercial space? The Spring is actually a great time to start all of these projects. There are a few key reasons why this spring is ideal for starting home remodeling projects, or many other construction projects. 


Ideal Weather


We all know it can get pretty hot here in Texas. When you are looking to start a construction project, you will want to think about how the weather will affect your timeline and the people working on your project. If your project involves painting, you’ll need proper ventilation. If your project involves tearing down walls, you will have to consider how the space will be heated when exposed to the elements. When you are working outdoors, you’ll want it to be a comfortable temperature. If you live somewhere where natural disasters occur (hurricanes, snowstorms,etc), you will want to consider how that will affect your project. 


Texas summers are extremely hot, so you might want to avoid certain projects in the middle of the summer. This makes the spring the ideal time to get a project done before it gets too hot. Contractors work more efficiently when the weather is good, and there will be fewer weather-related delays.


Get Ahead of Other Projects


Most builders will tell you, things will get hectic during the summer. The sooner you can get your project on the contractor’s calendar, the better. If you wait until the summer, your project might get backlogged and it may take months before they can start your project. It’s easier to get first in line for building projects and beat the “traffic.”

Great Deals

With so many people embarking on home improvement projects in the Spring and Summer, many home improvement stores often have major deals and discounts during this time of year. As the weather gets warmer, people want to upgrade their homes or get new garages so there are a lot of discounts to be found. For this reason, spring is an excellent time to tackle that home or office renovation project while also saving money. This allows you to cut expenses while still seeing good results.

Increase Equity

Spring is an excellent time to finish a home renovation project so that you can put your house on the market during peak season. During the spring, when people are looking for homes or just starting to think about moving, this is a wonderful time to get that project finished so you can improve your resell worth and add equity to your property before selling. Keep in mind that a recently remodeled house will catch the attention of additional customers, so getting it done at this time may set your property apart from a crowded real estate market!



You’ll Have More Time to get a project done


If you start planning a complicated project in the spring, such as a custom home or a new commercial building, you will have the most time to complete the project before the winter. Starting now gives you all of the spring and summer, and even the fall if needed to get the work done before the harsh winter hits. With this timeline, you can expect fewer delays and a higher possibility of the project getting done in time for winter!


The Project Won’t Be That Disruptive

Especially if you want to start home renovations, finishing a project over the holidays would be less than ideal. If you need to have some work done on your home, the spring is the most optimal time so construction does not interfere with most of your activities. When you get the project started in the spring, it will probably be done by the holidays!


Depending on your project, you might be able to enjoy the finished product in the summer. Summers are ideal for barbeques, picnics, and outdoor gatherings. Having an upgraded home will inspire you to host more parties and show off the new space!

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