Why Are We Passionate About Metal Buildings?

Here at Metal Solutions, we're passionate about what we build. While we are a one-stop-shop general contactor, our specialty has been – and will always be – metal buildings that are functional, durable, and beautiful. Our clients, both commercial and residential, see the value of structures that put utility at the forefront without sacrificing comfort. Over the last 15 years, we’ve compiled countless reasons why we think metal buildings are, in general, the superior option for the vast majority of what our clients come to us looking for. Here are a few reasons why. "Metal Building" Doesn't Mean "Low Quality" At first glance, many see “metal building” and think of some rusted old barn in the country someplace, a cheaply built structure with a tin roof and rusted siding. Nothing could be further from the truth of what we build. Metal structures are affordable, sure, but they’re also better. As proof, consider many of our clients. We have many customers in Midland, which happens to be one of the richest cities in America, and (oil price depending, mind you) sometimes the richest. Odessa, too, has plenty of wealth – ranking not far behind. To put it mildly, business owners in the Permian Basin don’t buy “low quality” stuff because they can’t afford to. When it comes to managing their assets, they need good structures that will stand the test of time (and the volatile weather of our area, too). The fact that there are so many metal building companies in Midland, TX should tell you something! Every investment here is extra-important, because this area is driving the domestic energy boom in America and weaning us off the Middle East. Pretty important stuff. These businesses buy what they need to…

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Construction Resolutions: New Year’s resolution for construction workers in 2024

As the new year approaches, it's an exciting time for our industry. We love to look back on our 2023 projects and also think about how we are going to make 2024 even better! reflecting on past achievements is key to steering towards a brighter future. At Metal Solutions, we extend our gratitude to our esteemed clientele and dedicated team members for contributing to a successful 2023.

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Necessary Tech Tools for Contractor Productivity

As a contractor or business owner, it can be difficult to stay on top of all your projects while managing customer expectations and keeping up with the changing environment. But one thing you can do to ensure your business runs smoothly is to invest in technology tools that make you more productive. Whether it's tracking costs or organizing project management systems, having the right technology at your fingertips can save time and resources, improving customer satisfaction.

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How to Navigate Real Estate Cycles to Optimize Your Investment

When it comes to real estate development, understanding the stages of the real estate cycle is key. Understanding the four stages—Recovery, Expansion, Hyper Supply, and Recession—is essential for entrepreneurs and investors alike in order to make sound decisions when investing in property and starting a construction project.  Understanding these cycles can also apply to embarking industrial and commercial developers on construction projects, as they can use the different stages to determine the best time to invest. Let's dive into what are the stages of the real estate market and why they matter to developers.  So what is a real estate cycle? A real estate cycle is the stages of recovery, growth, and decline that occur in the economy. Different markets and locations nationwide can experience different cycles at different times.  What contributes to real estate cycles? Several factors can potentially contribute to real estate cycles, including global crises from wars to natural disasters and economic health, such as unemployment, population age, and insurance rates.  Investors and developers should take these factors into account before making decisions about development and construction projects.  What are the stages of the real estate market? The real estate cycle includes four distinct stages: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession.  In the Recovery stage, people looking to buy property might find great deals since demand is still low after a recession and prices are beginning to rise again. Investors need to take advantage of this window to get ahead of the competition and get the best deals.  Expansion is when prices start to rise, but the market overall is considered healthy. There is some increased housing damand and real estate development is considered more lucrative during this…

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