Here at Metal Solutions, we’re passionate about what we build. While we are a one-stop-shop general contactor, our specialty has been – and will always be – metal buildings that are functional, durable, and beautiful.

Our clients, both commercial and residential, see the value of structures that put utility at the forefront without sacrificing comfort. Over the last 15 years, we’ve compiled countless reasons why we think metal buildings are, in general, the superior option for the vast majority of what our clients come to us looking for.

Here are a few reasons why.

“Metal Building” Doesn’t Mean “Low Quality”

At first glance, many see “metal building” and think of some rusted old barn in the country someplace, a cheaply built structure with a tin roof and rusted siding. Nothing could be further from the truth of what we build.

Metal structures are affordable, sure, but they’re also better. As proof, consider many of our clients.

We have many customers in Midland, which happens to be one of the richest cities in America, and (oil price depending, mind you) sometimes the richest. Odessa, too, has plenty of wealth – ranking not far behind.

To put it mildly, business owners in the Permian Basin don’t buy “low quality” stuff because they can’t afford to. When it comes to managing their assets, they need good structures that will stand the test of time (and the volatile weather of our area, too). The fact that there are so many metal building companies in Midland, TX should tell you something!

Every investment here is extra-important, because this area is driving the domestic energy boom in America and weaning us off the Middle East. Pretty important stuff. These businesses buy what they need to be successful, and they choose metal buildings for a reason.

Time is Money

We can often put up a steel building in a month

That includes pouring the concrete, framing, etcetera. Even the fastest Midland contractors who build traditional structures would have a hard time keeping up.

Maybe you have all the time in the world for your business, and want to sit on a plot of land for many months or years while progress ambles along. Most of our clients recognize, however, that there’s value to speed – as long when quality isn’t sacrificed.

That’s because time is money. It doesn’t matter what oil, the dollar, or the broader economy is doing. When the good times are good, you want to get something built to keep growing and expanding your business. When it’s less good – you still need speed to avoid painful cost overruns.

This isn’t just conjecture. Research proves it: dragging projects out increases their cost. We wish government would remember that when they spend our tax dollars!

Few other investments can match the net value of a metal structure. It might take longer to train an employee or buy a commercial vehicle than have Metal Solutions erect a building that could last a lifetime.

Durability Matters

It’s fitting that we’re putting this up in April. Peak severe weather season is just about upon us.

Tornadoes, hail storms, dust storms – everyone in West Texas has seen their fair share. Destructive weather is a way of life out here. Sadly, sometimes it even hurts those we love.

Durability matters in this environment. Metal buildings withstand the elements as well or better than anything else. With hail, it’s going to be hard to find another structure that will hold up as consistently. Hail that might destroy a shingle roof does little to no damage to our steel-roofed buildings.

When it comes to tornadoes and high wind events, it’s worth remembering that I-beams are strong!

I-Beams hold up the Golden Gate Bridge and every huge skyscraper in the world. If the structure holds up, the building is likelier to hold up in high winds – and our structures are literally as solid as steel.

This is why folks in West Texas, even in little ole’ Wink (where Stormy’s from), can get the same benefits. For way less cost.

For most folks, we feel that a metal building offers a cost-effective way to be weather-resistant in most situations. Dollar for dollar, we don’t think it’s even close.

That’s also why, when cost is no object and the protection of valuable business assets is paramount, steel still gets the nod. The countless metal buildings in Midland, TX, and the whole Permian prove it.

Your Contractor’s Advantages Matter

Metal Solutions is blessed to have exceptional advantages as a contractor that few, if any competitors have. Our capabilities are bolstered by these built-in assets and our clients benefit directly.

We’ve got our own local steel supplierBulldog Steel. We don’t have to wait on suppliers for materials – we go next door. 

This is why we can build projects at scale faster than other contractors – in Midland, TX, or anywhere else.

contractors in midland tx

We can even ship components for onsite assembly because of this. Think of it like a custom prefab, or if you prefer, an adult LEGO set. We have shipped materials across America for clients who feel that our material quality and workmanship are second to none, and we’d be happy to do the same for your next project.

We’ve also got great partnerships, such as with NUCOR Steel’s company American Buildings. NUCOR, the largest steel company in North America, awards a small number of contractors their coveted “buildership” partnership that gives access to technology and industry insights.

In other words, Metal Solutions is always improving. We’re a much better, leaner, and more efficient business than we were when we started – and that translates into better results for our customers. Their loyalty tells the story better than anything.

Big Capabilities, Small Town Values

When this journey started for us in 2009, we had no idea where it would go. Back then, we were just small contractors in Big Spring, TX building the best structures we could.

Tyler and Stormy Bradley initially had other life plans, but the customers of their burgeoning business were blown away by their attention to detail, work ethic, and speed.

contractors in odessa tx

Before long, we were putting metal buildings in places a bit farther afield, like Odessa, TX. We became general contractors in Midland, TX on some huge commercial projects. 

We even built residential barndominiums.

While bigger communities meant bigger projects, in our hearts, we remained the little contractor that could from Coahoma – our small town values remained even as our capabilities grew.

Folks tell us they’d never seen so much passion, dedication, and commitment to quality from contractors. They became loyal customers and friends. The business grew in ways we never could have imagined.

Here’s the truth. Most construction companies in Midland, TX, and surrounding areas will build metal buildings. They’re a dime a dozen.

We believe it matters who you work with.

We want to be partners with your business for the long term. Rest assured: you’ll be working with a passionate group of people who care about your success.

At Metal Solutions, we love metal buildings – but more than that, we love our customers. We’d be honored to count you as one. 

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