by Stormy Bradley

Like every business owner, my husband and I like to stay busy. Between meetings, family, and personal endeavors, our calendars are always packed! For those of you who are new here, my husband, Tyler Bradley, is the president of Metal Solutions and I am the president of our sister company, Bulldog Steel. Together, we operate both businesses where customers often utilize products and services from both companies. 


With so much going on around us, it’s sometimes easy to get overwhelmed in the day-to-day tasks and lose sight of the larger goals. I’m sure that we are not alone here, every person with a business knows this feeling. But even if you aren’t necessarily a business owner, but just someone who tends to juggle a lot, I want to tell you the key to continued growth; goal setting. Let me explain why setting proper goals can allow us to do it all AND see growth this year, both personally and professionally.

The first step to achieving your business new year’s resolutions is to set clear intentions and brainstorm your goals by evaluating your past year. What worked? What didn’t? From there, spend some time dreaming about 2022. What do you want to accomplish? Or better yet, what do you NEED to accomplish in order to achieve your vision of success?


Setting goals for your business MUST be more detailed than saying “I want to close more deals” or “I want to expand”. You need to address the ‘how’ in each of your dreams in order for them to be effective. I have mentioned this before but personally, I recommend following Michael Hyatt’s ideology when it comes to goals. He stresses the need for SMARTER goals which stands for specific, measurable, actionable, risky, time-keyed, exciting, and relevant. Crafting goals that check all of these boxes is the best way to start achieving. 


Further than that, you might need to do more to motivate yourself to reach these goals other than just thinking about them. Write them down, tell a friend, tell your employees, put it in a blog. Achieving challenging goals as a business owner takes will power, grit, and a lot of motivation. Speak your goals into existence so others can help you or remind you of what you want to accomplish. 


I won’t bore you with the details of timelines and numbers but Tyler and I have BIG plans this year for Metal Solutions. Of course we have revenue goals and goals to hire new people, but we also have some personal goals that I am really excited to get started on. I think a great example of a SMARTER personal goal that Tyler and I have is to start teaching our boys life skills. We’ve outlined what types of skills we want to teach our kids and why and we plan to do one every month. We believe our boys will benefit from this, and everyone in the family is excited to learn these skills together! While this is not a professional for either of our businesses, Tyler and I agree that the SMARTER goal strategy can be applied to all aspects of life to accomplish anything you want.


Tyler and I are so excited to tackle more projects this year with Metal Solutions. I am so thankful for our wonderful team of employees and clients. It brings us so much joy to serve the Permian Basin. I hope this blog has inspired you to take action on whatever goals you have for 2022 in an exciting and realistic way (share them with us!). If you have implemented SMARTER goals for your business, try it out for some aspect of your personal life, too. Whether you are building a business or building a building, let’s make 2022 a successful year.


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