Why Are We Passionate About Metal Buildings?

Here at Metal Solutions, we're passionate about what we build. While we are a one-stop-shop general contactor, our specialty has been – and will always be – metal buildings that are functional, durable, and beautiful. Our clients, both commercial and residential, see the value of structures that put utility at the forefront without sacrificing comfort. Over the last 15 years, we’ve compiled countless reasons why we think metal buildings are, in general, the superior option for the vast majority of what our clients come to us looking for. Here are a few reasons why. "Metal Building" Doesn't Mean "Low Quality" At first glance, many see “metal building” and think of some rusted old barn in the country someplace, a cheaply built structure with a tin roof and rusted siding. Nothing could be further from the truth of what we build. Metal structures are affordable, sure, but they’re also better. As proof, consider many of our clients. We have many customers in Midland, which happens to be one of the richest cities in America, and (oil price depending, mind you) sometimes the richest. Odessa, too, has plenty of wealth – ranking not far behind. To put it mildly, business owners in the Permian Basin don’t buy “low quality” stuff because they can’t afford to. When it comes to managing their assets, they need good structures that will stand the test of time (and the volatile weather of our area, too). The fact that there are so many metal building companies in Midland, TX should tell you something! Every investment here is extra-important, because this area is driving the domestic energy boom in America and weaning us off the Middle East. Pretty important stuff. These businesses buy what they need to…

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Blog from the CEO

As Tyler and I reflect on 2022, we are excited to enter into 2023 and continue working together to build a better West Texas. We want to thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and commitment towards our shared vision of excellence.

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