Miguel Iniguez is the owner of concrete foundation company, AAA Concrete (Triple A Concrete). Miguel was first connected with Metal Solutions back in 2014. Metal Solutions was looking for foundation work on a dodge house. Miguel sat down with the Metal Solutions team and discussed their approaches to construction work. Based on their views and work styles, they felt they would be a good match for the project. From there, they started working on more projects together. Miguel says that in their time together, they have probably worked on over 1,000 shops together.

“Everything they (Metal Solutions) do is top quality. Everything is always focused on the client.. It’s never about cutting corners.”

Miguel states that Metal Solutions is a company that is always focused on making the client happy. They are all about customer service and making sure they are living up to their clients’ expectations.

Before working with Metal Solutions, Miguel says that he worked with different builders who sometimes tried to cut corners. Working with others who didn’t always have the same standard as Miguel, he felt like it lessened the quality or efficiency of a project. Where other builders tried to save money wherever they could, Miguel feels that Metal Solutions’ policy is “what’s needed is needed”, they never risk the integrity of a project in an effort to save a buck.  Miguel says that Metal Solutions is also a great partner because he is always compensated on time.

“They (Metal Solutions) are hands down the best company to work with in every way. It’s a no-brainer to work with them. Everything they do is top-of-line.”

Currently, AAA Concrete is working on the foundation for a residential shop with Metal Solutions. Last month, they completed a 20,000 sq ft commercial shop with Metal Solutions. Typically, AAA Concrete completes a foundation for Metal Solutions in a week. 

With Metal Solutions, he says they never question how much money is needed in a project. He can trust that they are professionals who know exactly what needs to be done in order to complete the project right the first time.

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